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Introduction to Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualisation application that converts data from many sources into interactive dashboards and reports. Power BI Desktop, Power BI service based on SaaS, and mobile Power BI apps for various platforms are all included in the Power BI suite. Business customers utilise these services to consume data and generate business intelligence reports.

The Power BI desktop programme is used to create reports, Power BI Services (Software as a Service - SaaS) is used to publish reports, and the Power BI mobile app is used to view reports and dashboards. There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Power BI Desktop available.

Small and medium business owners can use a free version of Power BI, while Power BI Plus, a professional version, costs a monthly membership charge. Power BI Desktop, a Windows 10 app, as well as native mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS devices, are available for download. Power BI Report Server is now available for businesses that need to keep their data and reports on-premises. Power BI Desktop for Power BI Report Server is the unique version of the desktop programme required for that version of Power BI.

Why should you take Power BI?

Power BI can collect your company's data, whether it's on the cloud or your local machine, and provide you quick and easy access to it. Your customers get a real-time 360-degree view of their business, allowing them to swiftly and easily search and explore their data.

Customers can view all data on a single page, and the Power BI Mobile apps are automatically updated with changes to your data, allowing you to access up-to-date data and reports no matter where you are or when you need them.

Power BI provides you with a complete picture of your data from multiple data sources in just a few seconds. As a result, you can see all of your financial data in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power BI is a set of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to transform disparate data sources into logical, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Your data could be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or a collection of hybrid data warehouses that are both cloud-based and on-premises.

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Power BI is used by professionals from numerous areas of life since it is so versatile and full of valuable capabilities, including Business Administrators. Practitioners include accountants, for example. Others include salespeople, advertisers, and others.

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Freshers – Power BI Interview Questions & Answers

Microsoft's Power BI Desktop is an open-source programme that it designed and built. Users will be able to connect to, transform, and visualise data with ease using Power BI Desktop. Users using Power BI Desktop can create visualisations and collections of visuals that can be shared as reports with their colleagues or clients.

Since 2010, Microsoft has offered the Power Pivot add-in for Excel. Microsoft Excel's analytical skills and services were meant to be expanded with Power Pivot.

Microsoft's Power Query is an Excel-based data analysis application. Power Query allows you to import data from a variety of sources and clean, modify, and restructure it to meet your specific needs. You can construct your query once and then run it with a simple refresh in Power Query.

SSBI stands for Self-Service Business Intelligence and is a business intelligence breakthrough. Many business professionals with no technical or coding background have been able to successfully use Power BI and generate reports and make predictions because of SSBI. These dashboards can be created by even non-technical users to assist their organisation in making better decisions.

Custom Visuals are like any other visualizations, generated using Power BI. The only difference is that it develops the custom visuals using a custom SDK. The languages like JQuery and JavaScript are used to create custom visuals in Power BI.