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Introduction to PHP Laravel

Open-source and simple to use, Laravel is a PHP framework. It adheres to the model-view-controller design pattern. Laravel makes use of already existing parts from other frameworks to build online applications. The resulting web application is more organised and useful.

Laravel offers a robust collection of functionality that incorporates the fundamental components of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter and Yii as well as other programming languages like Ruby on Rails. The extensive feature set of Laravel will speed up site development.

Laravel will ease your process if you are comfortable with Core PHP and Advanced PHP. If you're intending to build a website from scratch, it saves a tonne of time. A Laravel-built website is also safe and guards against numerous web assaults.

Advantages of Laravel

When you are creating a web application with Laravel, it provides you with the following benefits:

  • As a result of the Laravel framework, the web application becomes more scalable.
  • Because Laravel leverages parts from different frameworks while constructing web applications, a lot of time is saved during the web application design phase.
  • As a result, it aids in resource management and organisation by including namespaces and interfaces.

Why should you take PHP Laravel Course?

Because of its sophisticated capabilities and development tools that speed up the creation of online applications, Laravel performs better than competing web frameworks. With its clean and reusable code, Laravel also aids website developers in streamlining their development process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laravel aims to make development easier by simplifying routine activities like authentication, routing, sessions, and caching that are utilised in the majority of web projects. Laravel attempts to make the development process enjoyable for the developer without compromising the functionality of the application.

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You must be proficient in PHP in order to start learning any contemporary PHP framework (Laravel, Symphony, or others). In particular, object-oriented programming is essential because all frameworks are built in this style, and you must be familiar with terms like dependencies, characteristics, and other "keywords" like classes and objects.

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Freshers – PHP Laravel Interview questions & Answers

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework that is used to develop complex web applications. It supports the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

The minimum compatible PHP version for Laravel 7 is PHP 7.2.5 and for Laravel 8 is PHP 7.3.0

Laravel's functionality is increased through the use of bundles. Bundles are most commonly referred to as packages in Laravel. It includes settings, migrations, views, and routes.

The following list below shows the supported databases:

  • MySQL 5.6+
  • PostgreSQL (Postgres) 9.4+
  • SQLite 3.8.8+
  • SQL Server 2017+

Verifying application users is done with Laravel authentication. It is possible to do so by knowing the user's username and password. Other factors could be used for authentication as well. The user is authenticated if their credentials are legitimate.

For the authentication procedure, Laravel makes use of guards and providers. While providers specify how users are obtained from your persistent storage, guards specify how users are authenticated for each request.